Colorado Senator Nancy Todd

Welcome to the Council of State Governments West (CSG West) website. We hope that you navigate through the site and find the resources and programs aimed to strengthen legislative institutions of interest and value. In the Resource Center and Publications sections you will find policy papers, webinars and access to data about your state to assist you in your role as a legislator. We are here to serve Western legislatures, if we can be of assistance please feel free to give us a call at 916-553-4423.
As 2015 Chair of CSG West, I look forward to working with legislators, legislative staff and other stakeholders in the West to promote cooperation and identify solutions to address issues of common concern. I also invite you to attend the CSG West 68th Annual Meeting that will convene July 28-31 in Vail, Colorado. With its theme of “Balance Your Attitude with a Change in Altitude,” the Annual Meeting will convene policy committees, provide capacity training opportunities for lawmakers, include insightful speakers and experts, and promote the exchange of information on issues of regional and national relevance.
The West is among the most fascinating regions in the United States. Its people, unique history, geography, natural resources, diversity and frontier spirit bind us together to meet our collective challenges and shape our shared future. Thank you for visiting and please let us know if we can be of any assistance.


Senator Nancy Todd (CO)
Chair, CSG West