A Message from Idaho Representative Jeff Thompson

2016 CSG West Chair

Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to serve as your 2016 Chair and proud to be an officer of the Council of State Governments’ largest and most geographically diverse region.  Despite this size and diversity, western states share many common interests and concerns. CSG West provides state lawmakers with a forum to learn and share legislative solutions, helps us develop skills and expertise to govern responsibly, and enables us to demonstrate to our constituents and the federal government our shared commitment to a vital and prosperous region and nation.


The West is among the most fascinating regions in the United States. Its people, unique history, geography, natural resources, diversity and frontier spirit bind us together to meet our collective challenges and shape our shared future. As your 2016 Chair, I look forward to working with legislators, legislative staff and other stakeholders in the West to promote cooperation and find common ground on the challenges we face.


I also invite you to attend CSG West’s 69th Annual Meeting September 6-9 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. With its theme of “Inspiring Views…Inspiring Visions,” the Annual Meeting will convene policy committees and provide training opportunities for lawmakers, present insightful speakers and experts, and promote the exchange of information on issues of regional and national importance.


CSG West is here to serve Western legislatures and to help its members find practical solutions to the challenges facing our region. As you engage in the important work of leading your states, I urge you to utilize the many programs and services available to you and your staff.


Representative Jeff Thompson (ID)
Chair, CSG West