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Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee - Jason Burruel,
Annual Legislative Training Assembly (ALTA) - Jennifer Schanze,
Annual Meeting, Registration, Housing and Meeting Logistics - Jennifer Schanze,
Border Legislative Conference (BLC) - Martha Castañeda,
CSG West Canada Relations Committee - Martha Castañeda,
Education Committee - Alma Lopez,
Economic Development & Trade Committee - Rich Lindsey,
Energy & Public Lands Committee - Rich Lindsey,
Executive Committee - Edgar Ruiz,
Fiscal Affairs Committee - Christina Bailey,
Future of Western Legislatures - Edgar Ruiz,
Health Committee - Rich Lindsey,
Higher Education Task Force - Alma Lopez,
Legislative Council on River Governance - Jason Burruel,
Legislative Service Agency & Research Directors - Jennifer Schanze,
Nominating Committee - Edgar Ruiz,
North America Summit (NAS) - Martha Castañeda,
Sponsorship Opportunities - Christina Bailey,
U.S. – Mexico State Alliance Partnership - Martha Castañeda,
Water & Environment Committee - Jason Burruel,
Western Legislative Academy (WLA) - Jennifer Schanze,
WESTRENDS - Edgar Ruiz,
Women in Politics - Jennifer Schanze,