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CSG Western Innovations Selection Meeting






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North America Summit IV

The Low Carbon Economy


Rick Van Schoik

Director, NACTS


Thomas D. Peterson
Founder, President and CEO, Center for Climate Strategies


Frank Came
Senior Advisor, GLOBE Foundation


North American Trade Cooperation


Christopher Wilson
Associate, Mexico Institute and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C.

Chris Sands
Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute


Annual Legislative Training Assembly (ALTA)

Richard Greene

Communication Strategist

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Health Policy Forum


Bob Carey
Principal at RLCarey Consulting, Boston, Massachusetts

Liz Baxter
Chair, Oregon Health Insurance Exchange, Board of Directors


Glenn Monteith
Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Workforce Division, Alberta Health


Representative Elaine D. Harvey
Wyoming, Co-Chair, Health Insurance Exchange

Dr. Norman Thurston

Western Economic Development Committee


Peter Fisher
Research Director, The Iowa Policy Project, Iowa City, Iowa

Brian Lee Crowley

Managing Director, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Ottawa, Ontario

Darren Sandford, Vice President, Technology Deployment, California Emerging Technology Fund, Los Angeles, California


Lunch Program


Mike Walsh



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Energy and Public Lands Committee



Mark Finley

General Manager, Global Energy Markets, British Petroleum, Washington, D.C.

Donald (Don) M. Wishart

Executive Vice-President, Operations and Major Projects, TransCanada Corporation, Calgary, Alberta

Lorraine Royer

Manager, Canadian Government Affairs, Williams Energy (Canada) Inc., Calgary, Alberta


Crady deGolian

Director, National Center for Interstate Compacts, Council of State Governments (CSG), Lexington, KY

Fiscal Affairs Committee



Chris Whatley

Director, Council of State Governments (CSG) Washington, D.C. Office


Dr. Gary VanLandingham

Results First Director, Pew Center on the States, Washington, D.C. 




Senator Karen Fraser, Washington


Tax and Financial Incentives: What’s Working in the West?

NEW report: Trends in Western State Business Incentives

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Karla Tartz, Deputy Director of Strategy & Operations, Office of Economic Development and

International Trade, Denver, Colorado

Nathan Buehler

Communications & Marketing Manager, Business Oregon, Salem, Oregon

Gynii Gilliam

Chief Economic Development Officer, Department of Commerce, Boise, Idaho



Lunch Plenary Session


Dave Rodney

Associate Minister of Wellness, Alberta Health Member of the Legislative Assembly, Alberta





Water and Environment Committee

Senator Karen Fraser, Washington

Tony Willardson
Executive Director, Western States Water Council, Utah

Dr. Timothy J. Brown
Director, Western Regional Climate Center Desert Research Institute, Reno, Nevada




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Education Committee

Doug Levin, Executive Director
State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)

Pam Goins
Director, Education Policy, The Council of State Governments, Lexington, KY


International Trade Committee


Sasha Sutcliffe-Stephenson
Director of International Programs, The Council of State Governments Washington, D.C. Office

Executive Committee Business Meeting

Representative Roger Barrus, Utah

Chris Whatley
Director, Council of State Governments Washington, D.C. Office

Executive Committee Adopts Policy Action 2012-01

Resolution Regarding the Nation's Deficit Spending and National Debt