Water & Environment


The Water and Environment committee provides western legislators a forum to discuss growing and competing demands on Western water and the environment. The Committee members engage in policy discussions and information exchange about how to better manage water and the sustainability of the environmental integrity of the West’s land, air and water. The committee collaborates with the Western Governors’ Association, Western States Water Council and other organizations in an effort to develop regional strategies to address western water and environment concerns.




Representative Lance Pruitt




Representative Kathleen Williams



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2014 Annual Meeting


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Presentation - Ricky Gease, Kenai River Sportfishing Association


Presentation - Tricia Sanguinetti, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute


Presentation - Morgan Gopnik, PhD, Environmental Policy Consulting


Presentation - Tony Willardson, Executive Director, Western States Water Council



Committee Meeting Summaries


August 2, 2013 - 66th Annual CSG West Annual Meeting


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Committee Resolutions


Resolution on Combating Aquatic Invasive Species



Policy Briefs


Columbia River Treaty Review

Qugga Mussels Spreading in the West

Reclamation Makes Changes to Colorado River Opperations Due to Drought

Some States Step in to Keep National Parks Open During Sequester

Water Usage in the West




For more information on the Water and Environment, please contact CSG West staff: Jason Burruel by phone at (916)553-4423 or email: jburruel@csg.org