The Agriculture & Water Committee provides Western legislators with a forum to discuss issues relating to agriculture and water. The committee members engage in policy discussions and the exchange of information about agriculture and its role in our economy and food supply, as well as how to better manage our regional water supply.



Representative Clark Kauffman



Representative Jeni Arndt




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The Agriculture & Water Committee will convene at 2:00-4:45p.m. Friday August 18thduring the Annual Meeting

This year, members of the Agriculture and Water Committee will hear from legal experts on the similarities and differences in the ways western states adjudicate water rights. Members will also hear the perspective of experts on the prospects for trade in agricultural products under the Trump administration. Next, we’ll have a conversation about the growing hemp industry, and how a number of states are supporting it. Finally, we’ll wrap up with state reports, giving committee members an opportunity to share their legislative work on these and other issues.




Committee Roster





Representative DeLena Johnson



Senator Cathleen Galgiani

Senator Robert Hertzberg

Assemblymember Anna Caballero

Assemblymember Brian Dahle

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia

Assemblymember Adam Gray

Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman



Senator Randy Baumgardner

Senator John Cooke

Senator Don Coram

Senator Larry Crowder

Senator Kerry Donovan

Senator Rhonda Fields

Senator Leroy Garcia

Senator Matt Jones

Senator Vicki Marble

Senator Ray Scott

Senator Jerry Sonnenberg



Representative Richard Creagan

Representative Lynn DeCoite

Representative Sam Kong

Representative Lauren Matsumoto

Representative Ryan Yamane



Senator Steve Bair

Senator Bert Brackett

Senator Lori Den HArtog

Senator jim Patrick

Senator Jim Rice



Senator Pat Connell

Senator Brian Hoven

Senator Margie MacDonald

Senator JP Pomnichowski

Representative Brad Hamlett

Representative Wendy McKamey

Representative Andrea Olsen

Representative Ray Shaw



Senator Yvanna Cancela

Senator Pete Goicoechea

Senator Dan Gustavson

Senator Mark Manendo

Senator David Parks



Senator Bill Burt

Senator Joseph Cervantes

Senator Richard Martinez

Senator Cliff Pirtle

Senate President Pro Tem Mary Kay Papen

Senator Pat Woods



Senator Bill Hansell

Representative Judy Warnick



Senator Jacob Anderedd

Senator Margaret Dayton

Senator Jani Iwamoto

Senator Ralph Okerlund

Representative Gage Froerer

Representative Timothy Hawkes

Representative Scott Sandall



Senator Judy Warnick



Senator Larry Hicks

Representative Robert McKim



2015-2016 Agriculture & Water Committee


2013-2015 Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee


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