The Committee on Western Economic Development focuses on the growth of western state economies and the region as a whole. The Committee welcomes meeting participants who are interested in a variety of state approaches to expand and diversify state economies.




Representative Kyle Yamashita



Senator John Sapien

New Mexico


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For more information on the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE, please contact CSG-WEST staff: Rich Lindsey by phone (307) 742-2543 or email: rlindsey@wyoming.com.


Western Economic Development Meeting (Click here for Agenda)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

8:00 - 11:00am

Edmonton, Alberta


Meeting Highlights:

Western Economic Development Committee members began their meeting hearing from Peter Fisher of the Iowa Policy Project who gave a presentation on the effectiveness of tax incentives as an economic development tool for states.  Mr. Fisher has researched tax incentives for nearly twenty years and has concluded that in most cases the loss of tax revenue due to incentives is not returned overtime to make up for the loss of revenue used by communities for maintaining basic infrastructure maintenance and services including education.


Lawmakers next took in a presentation by Darren Sandford, Vice President for Technology Deployment of the California Emerging Technology Fund. Mr. Sandford gave a very comprehensive report on how legislators can assist in exploring, initiating, and implementing the expansion of broadband service in their states.  Mr. Sandford used the experience of policymakers and technical professionals in expanding broadband in both rural and urban areas of California to lay out the steps lawmakers can take in making a significant contribution to effectively expand deployment of broadband.


Finally, Committee members were treated to two outstanding presentations by James Rajotte

Chair, Standing Committee on Finance, Canadian House of Commons and Brian Lee Crowley,

 Managing Director, Macdonald-Laurier Institute.  Both gentleman focused on the economic development efforts that have been successful in the western Canadian provinces.  Mr. Rajotte described very specific program and policy directives the Albertan government has initiated while Mr. Crowley looked at the importance of certain Canadian institutions like democratic governments that are necessary help ensure and encourage successful economic development efforts.

Presentation Links:

Peter Fisher
Research Director, The Iowa Policy Project, Iowa City, Iowa

Darren Sandford, Vice President, Technology Deployment, California Emerging Technology Fund, Los Angeles, California