The Energy & Environment Committee provides legislators with a forum to discuss issues relating to Western energy and the environment. The Committee provides lawmakers an opportunity to engage in policy discussions and the identification of shared solutions on relevant issues such as the reliable generation and transmission of the West’s energy resources and the sustainability of the environmental integrity of the region’s land and air.



Senator Bob Wieckowski


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Representative David Talerico




The Energy & Environment Committee will convene at 9:15a.m.-12:00p.m. Saturday, August 19th during the Annual MeetingThe Committee will tackle a comprehensive look at an energy issue that affects nearly the entire western US, the regionalization of the western grid.  Four panels of experts will address what regionalization means and what its advantages could be over the current delivery of electricity in the west, what state and federal laws need to be enacted to allow regionalization, what new technologies will enhance the 21st century grid, and how will governance work among the states with regionalization.


Click here for the draft agenda.




Committee Roster



Senator Cathy Giessel

Senator Lyman Hoffman

Senator Bill Wielechowski

Representative Zach Fansler

Representative Jason Grenn

Representative Andy Josephson



Representative Russell Bowers

Representative David Cook

Representative Paul Mosley



Senator Ben Hueso

Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes

Assemblymember Chris Holden

Assemblymember Marc Levine

Assemblymember Bill Quirk

Assemblymember Miguel Santiago



Senator Randy Baumgardner

Senator John Cooke

Senator Lucia Guzman

Senator Andy Kerr

Senator Matt Jones

Senator Ray Scott



Representative Cedric Asuega Gates

Representative Kaniela Ing

Representative Chris Lee

Representative Nicole Lowen



Senator Marv Hagedorn

Senator Dan Johnson

Representative Greg Chaney

Representative Paulette Jordan

Representative Jeff Thompson

Representative John Vander Woude



Senator Pat Connell

Senator Brian Hoven

Senator Douglas Kary

Senator Mary McNally

Senator JP Pomnichowski

Senator Jason Small

Senator Jeffrey Welborn

Representative Kimberly Dudik

Representative Bradley Hamlett

Representative Denise Hayman

Representative Jim Keane

Representative Wendy McKamey

Representative Andrea Olsen

Representative Marilyn Ryan

Representative Ray Shaw

Representative Barry Usher



Senator Kelvin Atkinson

Senator Nicole Cannizzaro

Senator Heidi Gansert

Senator Joseph Hardy

Senator James Settelmeyer

Senator Pat Spearman

Assemblyman Paul Anderson

Assemblyman Chris Brooks

Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton

Assemblyman Steve Yeager



Senator Candace Gould

Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto

Senator Carroll Leavell

Senator Nancy Rodriguez

Senator William Sharer

Senator Benny Shendo Jr.

Senator John Arthur Smith

Senator Jeff Steinborn

Senator Peter Wirth

Representative Greg Nibert

Representative Angelica Rubio

Representative Debra M. Sarinana

Representative Larry R. Scott





Senator Luz Escamilla

Senator David Hinkins

Senator Kevin Van Tassell

Representative Stephen Handy



Representative Gina McCabe



Senator Michael Von Flatern

Representative David Miller




2015-2016 Energy & Environment Committee


For more information on the Energy & Environment Committee, please contact CSG West Policy Consultant Rich Lindsey by phone (307)399-7368 or email: