The Finance & Economic Development Committee provides participating legislators an opportunity to address issues related to state budgets, fiscal trends, and economic development in the region. The committee engages policy-makers in policy discussions and the exchange information regarding fiscal issues associated with the impact of recessions, stimulus funding, state fiscal trends, taxation, business incentives, revenue forecasting and performance-based budgeting, among others.




Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward



Senator Lyle W. Hillyard




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The Finance & Economic Development Committee will convene at 9:00-11:45a.m. Thursday August 17thduring the Annual MeetingThe Committee will address issues at the forefront of several western legislative sessions this year. There will be three presentations, each followed by a period for questions and discussion. Speakers will discuss regulating virtual currency, innovative models for fostering economic development, and Medicaid expansion and healthcare cost containment. Click here for the agenda.





Committee Roster



Representative Paul Seaton



Representative Vince Leach

Representative David Livingston

Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita



Senator Ricardo Lara

Senator Holly Mitchell

Assemblymember Ed Chau

Assemblymember Phillip Chen

Assemblymember Matthew Dababneh



Senator Lois Court

Senator Rhonda Fields

Senator Owen Hill

Senator Daniel Kagan

Senator Andy Kerr

Senator Tim Neville

Senator Jack Tate



Representative Romy Cachola

Representative Isaac Choy

Representative Ty Cullen

Representative Beth Fukumoto

Representative Linda Ichiyama

Representative Jarrett Keohokalole

Representative Sylvia Luke

Representative Mark Nakashima

Representative Takashi Ohno

Representative Richard Onishi

Representative Roy Takumi

Representative James KunaneTokioka

Representative Gene Ward



Senator Jeff Agenbroad

Senator Carl Crabtree

Senator Fred Martin

Representative Maxine Bell

Representative Sage Dixon

Representative Rick Youngblood



Senator Mark Blasdel

Senator Douglas Kary

Senator Dan Salomon

Senator Jon Sesso

Senator Fred Thomas

Senator Roger Webb

Senator Cynthia Wolken

Representative Kimberly Dudik

Representative Moffie Funk

Representative Mike Hopkins

Representative Tom Jacobson

Representative Jim Keane

Representative Andrea Olsen

Representative Marilyn Ryan

Representative Brad Tschida

Representative Barry Usher



Senator Kelvin Atkinson

Senator Moises Denis

Senator Aaron Ford

Senator Becky Harris

Senator Ben Kieckhefer

Senator Michael Roberson

Senator Joyce Woodhouse

Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams

Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton

Assemblyman Jason Frierson

Assemblyman James Oscarson



Senator Pete Campos

Senator Carlos Cisneros

Senator George Munoz

Senator Clemente Sanchez

Senator John Arthur Smith

Senator Bill Tallman

Senator James White

Representative Harry Garcia

Representative Patricia A. Lundstrom

Representative Rodolfo S. Martinez



Senator Ginny Burdick



Senator Wayne Harper

Senator Dan Hemmert

Senator Deidre Henderson

Senator Lyle Hillyard

Representative John Westwood



Senator Jan Angel

Representative Mike Steele



Senator Drew Perkins

Representative Bob Nicholas




2015-2016 Finance Committee


2013-2014 Fiscal Affairs Committee


For more information on the Finance & Economic Development Committee, please contact CSG West staff by phone 916-553-4423 or email: