The Fiscal Affairs Committee provides a forum for chairs and members of finance and appropriation committees in western legislatures to exchange ideas and experiences on issues affecting state budgets. Fiscal issues associated with the impact of recessions, stimulus funding, state fiscal trends, taxation, business incentives, revenue forecasting and performance-based budgeting are among the topics addressed by the committee.



Assemblywoman Debbie Smith



Representative Tom Taylor

New Mexico


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Fiscal Affairs Committee Meeting

Sunday, July 22, 2012

8:00 - 11:00am

Edmonton, Alberta


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Presentations and handouts from the meeting are available below:

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Chris Whatley

Director, Council of State Governments (CSG) Washington, D.C. Office

Dr. Gary VanLandingham

Results First Director, Pew Center on the States, Washington, D.C.

Senator Karen Fraser, Washington


Tax and Financial Incentives: What’s Working in the West?


NEW report: Trends in Western State Business Incentives

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Karla Tartz, Deputy Director of Strategy & Operations, Office of Economic Development and

International Trade, Denver, Colorado


Nathan Buehler

Communications & Marketing Manager, Business Oregon, Salem, Oregon


Gynii Gilliam

Chief Economic Development Officer, Department of Commerce, Boise, Idaho