The Committee on the Future of Western Legislatures provides a forum for legislators to pursue best practices that promote strong and effective state legislatures. Members consider matters that affect the health of legislative institutions, including internal and external forces. Committee participants engage with experts and with each other on good government and governance issues.




Representative Sam Hunt



Representative Gary MacLaren




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Future of Western Legislatures Meeting (Click here to for meeting agenda)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

1:15 - 4:30Pm

Edmonton, Alberta


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In a Mock Legislature session at the
CSG-WEST annual meeting in Alberta, WA Rep. Sam Hunt took the role of “Premier.”  He is pictured here (left) with the Speaker of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, the Honourable Gene Zwozdesky.
A picture of the Mock Legislature session from the gallery.







In the Mock Legislature during the CSG-WEST annual meeting, ID Rep. Maxine Bell donned the robes of Lieutenant Governor who represents the monarchy in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.






Western Legislative Innovations is a product of the Committee on the Future of Western Legislatures, Council of State Governments-WEST (CSG-WEST).


In preparation for our September 14, 2010 Western Legislative Innovations Fair, CSG-WEST asked each of our 13 Western legislatures to submit brief papers outlining legislative branch innovations. The goal of this publication is to advance CSG’s long-held commitment to “sharing good ideas across state borders.”


From Alaska to Hawaii and points in between, we received dozens of creative ideas for running legislatures more efficiently and with greater transparency. Western innovations come in all sizes and shapes—ranging from new technology to member and staff training to capitol renovation to constituent communications and more.


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