The Westrends Board is comprised of one legislator from each of the 13 western states. It provides a forum and an opportunity to evaluate the direction and velocity of trends that affect the quality of life in the West through conversations with futurists and demographers. In a region that is increasingly defined by rapid change, Westrends focuses on the implications for policy makers of the demographic, economic and cultural trends that are shaping the western states.



Representative Polly Lawrence


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Assemblymember Ken Cooley




The Westrends Board will convene at 9:00-11:45a.m. Friday, August 18th during the Annual Meeting.


The Intersection Between Technology and Transportation

Across the country states and local governments are grappling with technological advances that are reshaping the way we think about and support transportation systems. This includes the need for adequate regulatory frameworks to meet the growth of autonomous and electric vehicles; promoting innovative public-private partnerships; identifying ways to finance dilapidating infrastructure needs; and the short and long term implications for economic development and jobs.


State Budget Trends in the West

The Board will learn about and discuss current budget trends and what they mean for state legislatures in the Western region. This will include a macro assessment of the impacts of increased health care and education costs, as well as potential federal actions with significant budgetary implications for states such as tax reform and modifications to the Affordable Care Act, among others.


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Westrends Board Roster


Representative Geran Tarr
Arizona Representative T.J. Shope
California Assemblymember Ken Cooley
Colorado Representative Polly Lawrence
Hawaii Senator J. Kalani English
Idaho Senator Dean Mortimer
Montana Representative Forrest Mandeville
Nevada Senator Pat Spearman
New Mexico Senate President Mary Kay Papen
Oregon Representative Barbara Smith Warner
Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser
Washington Representative Cindy Ryu
Wyoming Senator Dan Dockstader



2015-2016 Westrends Board


For more information on the Westrends Board, please contact CSG West staff Edgar Ruiz by phone 916-553-4423 or email at