Legislative Council on River Governance (LCRG)


The Legislative Council on River Governance (LCRG) is a cooperative association of legislators from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington who meet to discuss common interests and challenges along the Columbia River basin.



Representative Cliff Bentz



Mission Statement

The purpose of the Legislative Council on River Governance is to assert state legislative duty and authority over natural resources and river governance in the Columbia and Snake River Basins, and to unite the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington to develop a proactive agenda of legislative action and communications.

Guiding Principles


Concentrate on those activities where we have more power together than we have separately.


Issues and Needs Common to all Four States:


1. Endangered Species Act; Clean Water Act

2. Reasserting the State’s authority over its water rights

3. Lack of meaningful role for legislatures – need for legislative participation in decision making


4. State sovereignty issues – keep federal government off of state turf

5. Need to work on a coordinated basis between states

6. States want a place at the table in the federal decision making process as it relates to state

    issues; recognize dual sovereignty

7. Protect what states already have (legislation in place for resource management)

8. Tribal relations

9. Federal agencies conflict


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2016 LCRG

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For more information about LCRG contact Jeff Miller at 916-553-4423 or jmiller@csg.org