The Western U.S. is the most geographically diverse and fastest growing regions in the country.  In order to address and capitalize on specific regional needs and strengths, CSG West offers a portfolio of programs designed to facilitate dialogue and regional solutions.

Border Legislative Conference

Serves as a binational forum for legislators to exchange best practices and identify policy solutions that address the complex issues inherent to the 2,000-mile U.S. – Mexico border region. The result is a focused and ongoing dialogue among state legislators of the 10 U.S. – Mexico border states that optimizes the regions’ collaboration and services.


Legislative Council on River Governance

CSG West’s Legislative Council on River Governance (LCRG), established in 1998, is made up of state legislators from each of the Columbia River basin states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The LCRG provides its members with opportunities to discuss the common challenges facing the people living and doing business in the basin, and to share strategies for addressing these challenges.