CSG West produces several resource publications.  These include the Western States Legislative  Directory, the Western Legislative Academy   Newsletter, Border Legislative Conference Directory of State Officials, Year in Review and periodic issue-specific publications. Please choose from the menu on the left to view our publications as pdf files.


Through our National CSG offices, Western lawmakers and staff can keep up-to-date on the issues through a variety of publications such as the Book of the States and the Capitol Ideas  magazine.  The Book of the States, published since 1935, is a reference tool of choice and includes comparative information on issues from highway miles to state government employment and everything in-between. Capitol Ideas provides analyses of current issues and a look inside current trends. Its sister publication—Capitol Ideas e-newsletter—provides an in-depth look at how current events will affect state governments. State Directories published by CSG includes the names and contact information for key state government officials.


Single Publications


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2013 CSG West Services Profile is the organization's brochure. This annual publication gives an overview of programs, leadership, initiatives, upcoming events, stafffing assignments, and other regional office information.






Western Legislative Innovations is a product of the Committee on the Future of Western Legislatures, Council of State Governments-WEST (CSG West).


In preparation for our September 14, 2010 Western Legislative Innovations Fair, CSG West asked each of our 13 Western legislatures to submit brief papers outlining legislative branch innovations. The goal of this publication is to advance CSG’s long-held commitment to “sharing good ideas across state borders.”


From Alaska to Hawaii and points in between, we received dozens of creative ideas for running legislatures more efficiently and with greater transparency. Western innovations come in all sizes and shapes—ranging from new technology to member and staff training to capitol renovation to constituent communications and more.









CSG West joined the Wyoming Legislature as a co-sponsor of the Western States Energy and Environment Symposium (WSEES) convened October 25-27, 2009 in Jackson, Wyoming. Authorized by legislation adopted by the Wyoming legislature, the symposium brought together legislative leaders and energy committee chairs from all 13 western states to discuss and identify the West's energy future.