A Message from Utah Senator J. Stuart Adams

2018 CSG West Chair


Dear Colleagues,


It is an honor to serve as your 2018 CSG West Chair. I look forward to working with my fellow officers, legislative colleagues and other stakeholders from across the West to enhance regional collaboration and strengthen our legislative institutions.


CSG West, now in its 71st year, continues to serve as a trusted, nonpartisan organization that helps build the capacity of policy-makers and facilitates engagement on cross-cutting concerns that transcend state and international borders.


The West is among the most fascinating regions in our country with its diverse population, natural resources, geography and frontier spirit. CSG West has continuously developed innovative programs and services to adapt to an ever changing legislative landscape and meet the needs of member states and territories.


I encourage you to get involved in the important work of leading your states and urge you to utilize the services and programs available to you and your staff through CSG West, as well as CSG National. Feel free to contact our CSG West staff who are a great resource and can provide you more information about programs and services.


I also invite you to attend this year’s CSG West Annual Meeting that will convene September 11-15 in Snowbird, Utah. With its theme of “Elevating the West,” the CSG West Annual Meeting will assemble all of our policy committees and provide training opportunities for lawmakers, including insightful speakers and experts addressing topics of regional and national significance. You will not want to miss all that Snowbird has to offer with its excellent outdoor recreation and beautiful sights.


I wish you much success in 2018 and look forward to working with you.





Senator J. Stuart Adams (UT)
Chair, CSG West