2015-2016 Agriculture & Water Committee


The Agriculture & Water Committee provides Western legislators with a forum to discuss issues relating to agriculture and water. The committee members engage in policy discussions and the exchange of information about agriculture and its role in our economy and food supply, as well as how to better manage our regional water supply.



Senator Jim Honeyford



Representative Joann Ginal



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2016  Annual Meeting

Committee members will receive an update on developments at the federal level from CSG’s DC office, followed by a panel presentation on state and federal programs that can help agricultural producers access international markets. Attendees will also learn about Western regional efforts to fight aquatic invasive species such as quagga and zebra mussels. Members will hear about state and regional efforts to plan for a sustainable water supply. The meeting will conclude with individual state reports, giving legislators an opportunity to share their challenges and successes.




Federal Update


Agriculture and International Trade


Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention


Western Water PLanning in Uncertain Times




2015  Annual Meeting


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Presentation - Tony Willardson, Executive Director, Western States Water Council


Presentation - Carlee Brown, Policy Advisor, Western Governors' Association


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2014  Annual Meeting


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Presentation - Ron P. Carleton, Deputy Commissioner, Colorado Department of Agriculture


Presentation - Bennie L. Osburn, Director Outreach and Training, Dean Emeritus, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine


Presentation - Dr. Stuart W. Styles, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Food Safety Modernization Act


Committee Meeting Summaries


August 1, 2013 - 66th Annual CSG West Annual Meeting


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Commitee Resolutions


Resolution on Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling




Agriculture Policy Briefs

EPA's Proposal to remove 72 Chemicals from Pesticides

Agriculture and your State's Economy

Qugga Mussels Spreading in the West



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For more information on the Agriculture & Water Committee, please contact CSG West staff: Jeff MIller by phone (916) 553-4423 or email: jmiller@csg.org