U.S. Energy Information Administration Annual Outlook Report

By: Rich Lindsey, CSG West Policy Consultant


The Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) will be released this month.  The report focuses on factors that will define U.S. energy markets through 2040.  The projections and highlights of the report are intended to help initiate discussions in market trends, energy production, consumption, technological breakthroughs, and possible changes in U.S. energy policy.  All projections are made assuming that the current laws and regulations do not change through the projection timeline of 26 years.


Each year the EIA issues an early release overview of the annual report.  The following are a few of the highlights from the early overview. 



The EIA Annual Energy Outlook of 2014 is an excellent comprehensive look at what U.S. energy production and usage trends may look like over the next 26 years.  The report will include eight focus articles that will be released over the month of April with the final components of the report released April 30.  Other articles include, for example, light-duty vehicle energy demand, implications of low electrical demand growth, variations in renewable electricity projections, implications of accelerated power plant retirements, and predictions of trends in carbon emissions and fuel type usage for electricity generation. To access the focus articles simply go to the EIA website at eia.gov 


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