2015-2016 Finance Committee


The Finance Committee provides participating legislators an opportunity to discuss issues relating to state budgets and fiscal trends. The committee engages policy-makers in policy discussions and the exchange information regarding fiscal issues associated with the impact of recessions, stimulus funding, state fiscal trends, taxation, business incentives, revenue forecasting and performance-based budgeting, among others.




Representative Brad Dee



Senator Ricardo Lara



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State Revenue and Expenditures Up in 2013


Update from D.C.- Immigration Gridlock in Washington—What’s Next?


President’s Budget Plan Provides Some Benefits to States



2016 Annual Meeting


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The Finance Committee convened on Tuesday, September 8th and was led by the committee chair, Rep. Brad Dee of Utah. The meeting included discussion on structural balance in state budgets, rainy day funds and minimum wage policy. The meeting started with a presentation by Jonathan Ball, a legislative fiscal analyst for the Utah Legislature. Ball gave detailed strategies states can use to avoid structural imbalances in their budgeting, putting one-time and ongoing revenues to work for state expenditures and savings. Next to present was Jonathan Moody, states’ fiscal health senior associate with the Pew Charitable Trusts, who discussed revenue volatility and the importance of rainy day funds. The session closed with a minimum wage policy panel, including discussion from CSG Senior Research Analyst Jennifer Burnett, California Senate Committee on Appropriations Staff Director Mark McKenzie, Public Policy Director (Western Region) Daniel Markels from The National Federation of Independent Business, and Cooperator in Chief Dan Arnett from the Central Co-op in Seattle. Panelists discussed state minimum wage policy trends nationwide, new legislation in California to raise the minimum wage, and challenges and opportunities for the business community posed by efforts to raise the minimum wage.


Presentation - Jonathan Ball, Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Office of the Fiscal Legislative Analyst, Utah Legislature


Presentation - Jonathan Moody, Senior Assocaite, State's Fiscal Health, The Pew Charitale Trust


Minimum Wage Panel

Presentation - Jennifer Burnett, Senior Research Analyst, CSG National

Presentation - Mark McKenzie, Staff director, california State Senate, Committee on Appropriations

Presentation - Daniel Markels, Public Policy Director, Western Region, National Federation of Independent Business



2015 Annual Meeting


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Presentation - Brian Sigritz, Director of State Fiscal Studies, National Association of State Budget Officers


Presentation - Catherine Dupont, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel Utah State Legislature


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2014 Annual Meeting


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Presentation - Rep. Ken Ivory, Utah House of Representatives and Carl Graham, Director, Sutherland Institute Coalition For Self-Government In the West


Presentation- Joseph Henchman, Vice President of Legal & State Projects Tax Foundation


Presentation - Andy Karellas, CSG, Director of Federal Affairs


Presentation - Michael Mazerov, Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Presentation - Mary Murphy, The PEW Charitable Trusts




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Committee Meeting Summaries


August 1, 2013 - 66th Annual CSG West Annual Meeting



Fiscal Affairs Policy Briefs

The Marketplace Fairness Act and State Revenues



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