Legislative Council on River Governance



Boise, Idaho
August 20 - 21, 2012

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Water Quality Challenges on the Columbia River: Overview of pollution sources and contaminants in the Colombia River, as well as enforcement issues:
  • Barry Burnell, Water Quality Division Administrator, Idaho Dept. of Environmental Quality

Human Health Criteria Toxic Pollutants

Fall Chinook Salmon Site Specific Criteria

  • Jennifer Morace, Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Oregon Water Science Center
Update on the Federal Biological Opinion for the Columbia and Snake River Dams:
  • Clay Smith, Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Idaho Attorney General

FCRPS Biological Opinion Litigation:  Developments Since August 2010 LCRG Meeting

  • Jim Yost, Idaho Council Member, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Update on Water Rights Adjudications in the LCRG States:
  • Ben Bonkowski, Adjudications, Dam Safety & Wells Section Manager, Water Resources Program, Washington State Department of Ecology

Washington Water Rights Adjudication

  • Gary Spackman, Director, Idaho Department of Water Resources

Idaho Water Rights Adjudications

  • Dwight W. French, Administrator, Water Rights Services Division, Oregon Water Resources Dept.

Oregon Water Rights Adjudications

Update on the Columbia River Treaty Negotiations between U.S. and Canada:
  • Jim Yost, Idaho Coucil Member, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  • Kathy Eichenberger, Executive Director, Columbia River Treaty Review Team, Government of British Columbia

Columbia River Treaty Review

  • Rick Pendergrass, Manager, Power Operations and Planning, Bonneville Power Administration

Columbia River Spring/Summer Run-Off Conditions and Operations

2014/2024 Review Columbia River Treaty

Water Infrastructure Needs in the Colombia River Basin:
  • Bryan R. Horsburgh, Deputy Manager- Resources, Resource & Technical Services, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region

Water Infrastructure Needs in the Columbia River Basin

Update on Proposed Guidance on Clean Water Act:
  • Ellen Gilinsky, Sr. Water Policy Advisor, U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency
  • Norm Semanko, Executive Director and General Counsel Idaho Water Users & Chairman, Federal Affairs Committee, National Water Resources Association
Impacts of Agricultural Land Irrigation in the Columbia River Basin:
  • Craig Reeder, Vice President, Hale Farms

The Economics of Columbia Basin Irrigated Agriculture


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