Program Purpose


Established in 1998, the Legislative Council on River Governance (LCRG) is a cooperative, bipartisan program comprised of state legislators from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Through collaborative efforts, members have the opportunity to exchange information and identify solutions to address the challenges and opportunities along the Columbia and Snake River basins.  


For more information on the LCRG, please contact Jacqueline Tinetti, Policy Analyst, at (916) 553-4423 or


LCRG Rules

Sponsorship Guide









Senator Bill Hansell




Committee Roster


Senator Lee Heider

Senator Jim Patrick (non-voting member)

Senator Ali Rabe (non-voting member)

Senator Michelle Stennett

Representative Laurie Lickley

Representative Charlie Shepherd (non-voting member)

Representative Caroline Nilsson Troy (non-voting member)

Representative Sally Toone


Senator Edie McClafferty

Senator Mark Sweeney

Representative Jim Keane

Representative Scot Kerns


Senator Bill Hansell

Representative Daniel Bonham


Senator Jim Honeyford

Senator Jesse Salomon

Representative Bruce Chandler
Representative Sharon Wylie


LCRG Members


Idaho Senator Michelle Stennett presides as the current LCRG Chair. Voting members are appointed by state leaders in each state and meet annually. LCRG meetings are open to non-voting members and legislative staff interested in attending.


LCRG Efforts


Through its’ meeting and member collaboration, LCRG produces recommendations and requests in support of the program goals. Below are links to recent member efforts.


Northwest Power & Conservation Council


Bonneville Power Administration


Meeting Information


This year has seen significant developments impacting the Columbia River Basin and we look forward to discussing these topics and more at our upcoming meeting in Lewiston, Idaho on August 22-24, 2021. Details of discussion topics and speakers are currently available on the meeting agenda.


For questions about the program, please contact Jackie Tinetti, Policy Analyst, at or 916-553-4423.