WESTRENDS - 7/31/13


The CSG-WEST WESTRENDS Board convened at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Richard Tam Alumni Center.   Twelve of the 13 Western states were represented. 


The WESTRENDS Board focused on two significant subjects affecting the Western region – demographics and innovations in technology.


Dr. Robert Lang, director of the Brookings Institute West at UNLV, provided WESTRENDS Board members an overview of the changing demographics and politics of the West that have transformed the region into America’s “New Heartland,” with a rising constituency that will serve as a key swing vote in future state and national elections.  His presentation included informative data on demographic trends shaping the national and the West’s political landscape, such as the rise of minorities, urbanization and emerging metropolitan voting patterns, and the Millennial Generation.  The session also addressed recent redistricting and reapportionment processes and the intensification of the urban – rural divide in the West.


Former Nevada Assembly Majority Leader and current Associate Director of the Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies at UNLV, Marcus Conklin, made a presentation on innovations in technology and how they are shaping the role of government.  Mr. Conklin spoke about the speed and scope of these changes that have revolutionized the manner in which individuals and industries across a plethora of fields function.           

Mr. Conklin also spoke about the role and challenges of state governments to adapt to these transformational changes while protecting privacy and providing services to the public.  The session also analyze some of the innovations that are requiring governments to alter their approaches and practices, and what this means for the evolution of the West.


I copy of Marcus Conklin's presentation is available on the presentations page.


A special thanks to UNLV and the UNLV Alumni Center for allowing the WESTRENDS Board to convene its meeting in their facilities. 


For more information on WESTRENDS, Please contact CSG-WEST staff Edgar Ruiz at
Phone: (916) 553-4423 ext. 118 or via email at  eruiz@csg.org.